The Hulk Brothers
Donald, Calvin, Guido and Mahalo

Megoville's favorite brothers now have there very own page.  Keep checking to see more great outfits and regale in their tales of woe.  Rumors have it that The Hulk Brothers will be starring in their very own TV Series, most likely on UPN.  WB passed for some reason.  Stay Tuned.

Chilling out

L-R (Guido, Mahalo, Calvin and Donald)


Ready for Work

L-R (Calvin, Mahalo, Donald and Guido)

Name Calvin Donald Guido Mahalo
Description Not so bright, but a real showman An impeccable dresser Good with his hands Dude, Surf's Up!
Occupation Stuntman / Actor The Dance Instructor The Mechanic The Scuba Teacher
Favorite Movie Wabbit Twouble Top Hat Behind the Green Door Blue Hawaii


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